Your digital legacy!

Imagine something happened to you right now. What would you have liked to tell your friends, your partner or your family?
Tellju provides you with a tool for sending a message if the worst case situation happens to you!
It’s you who decides which messages, including pictures and videos, are being sent to your relatives – reliable and safe!

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    Tellju knows if something has happened to you.

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    Only if we are absolutely sure will we send your predefined messages to your relatives.

Your digital legacy

What is Tellju?

Tellju timely delivers your important last messages and thoughts to selected contacts in an automated and safe way. You think you don’t need this? We hope so, but, unfortunately, the worst case may happen every day. If you depart from this life you might wish to tell your beloved ones your last thoughts, tell them about a hidden treasure or simply share common memories in the form of pictures or videos. Fate and accidents may shape your life and sometimes things turn out completely different, overthrowing your plans.

Although we from Tellju cannot prevent accident or illness, we can assure you that your last message will safely arrive to the people who really mean something to you. How does it work? You compose your messages online including pictures and videos and edit them at any time. On the tragic day of your passing we will make it certain that your composed contents will reach their recipients. In order to be definitely sure, we will double check your well-being regularly by sending messages to you and your elected person of trust. Only if we are absolutely sure about your passing we will send out your digital inheritance to selected contacts.

We won’t flood you with spam. Promise!

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How does Tellju work?

  • 1. Create your Profil

    Go to or download the Tellju app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  • 2. Assign your person of trust

    In case we cannot reach you any longer, we will contact your elected person of trust for further information.

Tellju - Der digitale Nachlass
  • 3. Compose your messages

    No matter whether you want to add texts, photos or video messages, design your contents in the way you like it. You have access from everywhere at any time to edit existing or add new content.

  • 4. Select your package

    Pick from a range of packages tailored to your needs.

  • 5. Breathe deeply

    From now on, we take over. We check up your well-being in intervals predefined by you.

Tellju – Who needs it and what is it?

For everyone

Send endearing words to your beloved ones and add souvenir photos, video and voice messages to help them deal with your passing.

Just to make sure

No matter if there is an upcoming surgery, a flight or just because – something unplanned may happen to each of us.

For important things

Where do you keep your spare key? What is the code to your entry door? Where do you store your will? Tell your friends and family important things if you cannot do it in person any longer.

For companies of any size

Important information relevant to the company might only be kept by one person. The loss of this person might lead to extensive logistic problems.

Safety on a high level!

How safe is Tellju?

To be sure that your prepared contents are not sent erroneously, we attach great importance to reliable safety precautions. These include regularly inquiring as to your well-being by asking you and, in case of no response, your person of trust.

To be entirely sure, a notarized document which confirms your passing is required to trigger the dispatch of your digital inheritance. Tellju is safe!

How does Tellju works?


App downloaden

In Kürze in den App Stores oder als Webversion verfügbar


Profil anlegen

Das geht einfach und schnell!


Vertrauenspersonen wählen

Wenn du nicht mehr zu erreichen bist, erkundigen wir uns bei deinen Vertrauenspersonen, ob es dir gut geht


Nachrichten verfassen

Ob Texte, Fotos oder Videobotschaften: Gestalte deine Nachrichten wie es dir gefällt. Liebe Worte für deine Freunde, wichtige berufliche Informationen oder Passwörter, – Tellju verwahrt alles sicher! Vielleicht möchtest du deiner Familie mitteilen, wie dein Haustier zu versorgen ist oder wo der Ersatzschlüssel liegt? Du hast jederzeit Zugriff und kannst deine Texte verändern, Videos, Fotos und Kontakte löschen sowie neu hinzufügen.


Paket wählen

In Zukunft wirst du aus einer Vielzahl von nützlichen Optionen wählen können



Ab jetzt übernehmen wir das Ruder. Wir erkundigen uns regelmäßig, ob es dir gut geht. Du bestimmst, in welchem Intervall. Solltest du mehrmals nicht auf unsere Nachfrage reagieren, erkundigen wir uns bei deinen Vertrauenspersonen nach dir. Erst wenn wir uns sicher sind, dass dir etwas zugestoßen ist, versenden wir deine Nachrichten an deine ausgewählten Kontakte.

We won´t flood you with spam. Promise!

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